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"The Unforgettable Spaghettable"

A new twist on fast food!  

Spaghettable makes vegetable noodles...

Spaghettable makes vegetable noodles...

Do you still crave pasta, even though you've started a special diet, or need to go gluten-free?  There is an answer in sight-- the incredible Spaghettable is here to offer you a wonderful alternative to that heavy wheat-based pasta! With just a twist of your wrist, turn your favorite veggies into homemade pasta without the extra carbs or gluten!
We created the Spaghettable to make eating healthy, a fast and simple treat. In minutes, turn your favorite zucchini, summer squash, carrots, potatoes and other firm vegetables into wonderfully tasty meals and you won't be missing out on your favorite pasta dishes either!  
Visit our Tips and Tricks page for care and use instructions to get going with your new Spaghettable and our Recipes page for exciting new menu choices to make gluten-free and healthy eating even easier for you and your family.  Spaghettable will help you and even your kids think about healthy eating in a whole new way-- raw or cooked, welcome to the new and exciting world of Spaghettable noodles!